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About Our Furniture Store


Brothers Ryan and Nathan Selzer started Hello Furniture as a side project in late 2004. The Family Owned and Operated business was started to offer high end, Brand Name products at generic prices. 

What started as a small project to supply the design and hospitality trade quickly evolved into a full time business.  In 2005, Hello Furniture opened up it's showrooms (and insider discounts) to the public via invitation.

Hello Funiture prides itself on being a Full Disclosure shop. There are no secret fees, no sales games, and no hidden agendas what you see is what you get. The price offered to our customers is the true industry discount.

Since 2005 and spurred mostly by word of mouth ,Hello Furniture has grown to include multiple locations across three states. Over One Milion and counting! happy customers continue to trust Hello Furniture to save them hundreds (often thousands) of dollars on mattresses, home furniture, billiard tables, imported rugs and much more....