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Shop for Bunk Beds in Chico or Vacaville, CA

If you have more than one child and need to optimize their bedroom, then a bunk bed is exactly what you need. With a bunk bed in your kid's room, you can efficiently organize their space and give your kiddos a fun sleeping arrangement. At Hello Furniture, we have a wide selection of bunk beds to choose from in various sizes and types that turns your children's room into a well-loved sanctuary. Let's go over what you'll find when you shop our selection.

Shop by Construction Type

Bunk beds offer versatility for your children's room so that they can have more than just a bed. Configurations like a bunk bed with desk features or a futon bunk bed add more function to your kids' room so they can have an easy study or nap space. You can also look for bunk beds with storage options and further optimize their bedroom space. But if you don't need extras for your kids, you can always look for bunk beds with stairs, wooden bunk beds, or even a triple bunk bed if you have three kids in one room. We keep a wide variety of bunk beds in stock, so no matter what you're looking for, you'll find the perfect setup for your little ones.

Shop by Size

After considering the type, you also need to decide on the size. The bed size will depend on what each child needs for their bed. If you have a little kid and a pre-teen, you'll need something more than a standard twin size configuration. Regardless of what will suit your children, we keep the options you need in stock, including:

  • Shop Twin Bunk Beds
  • Shop Twin XL Bunk Beds
  • Shop Twin Over Full Bunk Bed
  • Shop Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed
  • Shop Full Bunk Beds
  • Shop Full Over Full Bunk Beds
  • Shop Queen Bunk Beds

Don't forget to measure your children's space multiple times before deciding on a size.

Are you ready to shop for bunk beds? Stop by your local Hello Furniture in Chico or Vacaville and discover high-quality products that show off your home design. We make it our mission to always provide you with incredible deals you won't find anywhere else. If you have other questions about our top-rated mattresses, don't hesitate to give us a call or visit us in person!