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Kids Bedroom Sets

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Shop for Kids Bedroom Sets in Chico & Vacaville, CA

Are you upgrading your kids room? Looking for the right bedroom furniture that they'll enjoy? With kids bedroom sets, you'll simplify your purchase by buying matching bedroom pieces that create a look that your little one will love. At Hello Furniture, we have reliable brands that design kids furniture that shows off your kiddo's personality. Let's go over some of what you can expect from our selection.

Shop by Number of Pieces & Finish

When it comes to kids bedroom sets, shopping by the number of pieces is essential. Do you need a bed, dresser, and mirror? A 3-piece kids furniture set provides the basics. If you want to add a nightstand to your child's room, then a 4 piece kids furniture set is ideal. Before you decide on the number of pieces, make sure to measure your child's room carefully and leave at least two feet of space around the bed for your kid to move around easier.

After you've determined the pieces, you'll also want to consider the finish. You can create a smashing style that turns their room into a little sanctuary with the right finish. Some finishes to consider are:

  • Shop White Kids Bedroom Furniture Set
  • Shop Brown Kids Bedroom Furniture Set
  • Shop Gray Kids Bedroom Furniture Set
  • Shop Gold Kids Bedroom Furniture Set

Shop by Size & Design Style

Another aspect to consider is the size. The furniture set size will be determined by the size of the bed, which depends on what your kiddo needs. If your kid has just upgraded to his first big kid set, then a kids twin bedroom set is ideal. However, if your child is constantly growing or a teen, then a kids full size bedroom set will be more comfortable.

You should also consider the design style, especially if you're looking for something unique to your child. We have an interesting away of design styles to choose from, including:

  • Shop French Country Kids Bedroom Furniture Set
  • Shop Glam Kids Bedroom Furniture Set
  • Shop Traditional Kids Bedroom Furniture Set
  • Shop Transitional Kids Bedroom Furniture Set

Of course, if you're not sure which style will appeal to your child, go ahead and consult their opinion on which set they like the most.

Are you ready to shop for kids bedroom sets? Stop by your local Hello Furniture in Chico or Vacaville and discover high-quality products that show off your home design. We make it our mission to always provide you with incredible deals you won't find anywhere else. If you have other questions about our top-rated mattresses, don't hesitate to give us a call or visit us in person!